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Feature Report: Bullfrog Gold Corp.



Bullfrog Gold Corp.

Exchange: OTC Markets

Symbol: BFGC

Sector: Mining, Precious Metals




Developing gold and mineral projects in Nevada, USA. Recently acquired two proven gold properties (SEE NEWS: BFGC).



Bullfrog Gold Corp. -

Ready to resurrect former Barrick gold mines in Nevada, USA

Bullfrog Gold Corp. (Ticker: BFGC- OTC Markets) is a US-based mining company engaged in discovering, acquiring, developing, and producing precious metal properties. It is headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado.


Bullfrog Gold Corp. plans to create real value by implementing an aggressive exploration program, making new discoveries and developing mining properties with a long-life and low cost operation.


In late 2011, Bullfrog Gold Corp. acquired interest in the Bullfrog Mine, formerly owned by Barrick Bullfrog Inc. Then in 2014, it acquired an adjacent mineral property, the Montgomery-Shoshone (M-S) Deposit.


Together, these prospects are announced as containing 470,000 ounces of gold, along with strong potential for expanding known mineralization, as well as discovering new zones [READ MORE]

Gold is gaining ground quickly fueled by world events. Read the report now!

BFGC- Bullfrog Gold Corp.



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Bullfrog Gold Corp. BFGC-OTCQB

Is In A Position To Move On Its Gold Potential.

Bullfrog Gold Corp. is an exploration and mining company like developing known gold projects employing low cost gold recovery in Nevada, USA.




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