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A Medical Marijuana Stock That’s
Poised For Big Things

Its Strategic Approach To Multinational Operations Is Putting
MRPHF At The Forefront In Leading Markets

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Marapharm Ventures’ Diversified Interests In Multiple Markets Makes The
Company A Potential Powerhouse Of Profits From This Blossoming Sector

Marapharm Ventures Inc. Is Way Ahead Of The
Curve. The Wave Of Approval For Use Of
Recreational And Medical Marijuana Could Make
This Junior The Best Stock Of The Entire Crop.

Unless you slept through the recent US election cycle you got the news: four new states voted to include the use of recreational marijuana, along with the existing majority of states who already signed it into legal medical use. This is a wave that is sweeping the nation (and the continent, since Canada is also on board). The question is, who will benefit most?

Marapharm Ventures Inc. is an emerging marijuana sector company that’s positioned itself for success in this exploding market by investing in varied interests in leading regions with multiple product opportunities. MRPHF is a visionary company.

Here’s why we think you need to pay attention to
Marapharm Ventures Inc. (MRPHF – OTC Markets)
right now:

Marapharm Ventures has been quietly building a group of assets in medical marijuana production and distribution sector in Canada and the United States. In just a short period, they have acquired or reached agreements for operations that would reach across British Columbia, Washington State, Nevada, and California. While each scenario is slightly different in its scale and execution, they all result in Marapharm Ventures Inc. tapping into revenues from a localized medical supplier of marijuana in leading jurisdictions.

What’s so different about Marapharm Ventures?
Why could it offer such a big payday?

We believe that these recent events signal a tipping point in the marijuana business, and that Marapharm Ventures will be a recipient of the change. This is a change in attitudes and the entire culture of recreational and medicinal use. Change has been taking place for over a decade now, but this is a significant change in large areas like California, where massive populations have adopted change and relaxed legal barriers and embraced commerce. It’s a lot like the end of prohibition.

The reality is, the upswing in sales as a result of recreational use, coupled with medical application of the plant is going to have a profound effect. Early investors could easily see the kind of mass wealth generated in the early tech boom.

Read about Marapharm Ventures’s strong
potential for success across several sectors.

Marapharm Ventures stock is getting a lot of interest recently, but still remains low priced enough for early investors to acquire significant positions under $2 per share.



Trading Symbol: MRPHF – OTC Markets

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Here are ten good reasons that investors will want to participate in
Marapharm Ventures Inc. now to get positioned for the coming advances.


A quick glance at the post-election 2016 map in the US will tell you that the landscape has changed completely for marijuana use. Four new states have adopted use for recreational purposes, while many others have agreed to medical use or at the very least, have decriminalized marijuana use. The stigma towards pot has ended and investing in marijuana-based companies is main stream.


As of the fall election, four new states adopted recreational use. In states where marijuana has not passed the recreational bar, most have adopted its use for medical purposes. As at November 2016 (post-election) some 31 states have approved its medical use. This is trend that began nearly a decade ago and is now gaining momentum nationwide and creating federal pressure to adopt legislation.


The US market for marijuana grew a sizeable amount in 2015 with an overall increase of 17% for a total dollar value of $5.4 billion. The numbers for 2016 are not all in, but it is well on track for a whopping 25% increase to reach $7.6 billion in total sales. With the addition of new markets opened through legislation, reviewers believe that the market can reach $20 billion within just three years. That’s twice the value of the NFL!


Marapharm Ventures has managed to position itself in multiple markets across national borders and state lines. The company has diversified operations in Canada, and in the states of Washington, Colorado, Nevada and California. It’s no coincidence that these areas are all of the leading markets for recreational and medical use.


Marapharm Ventures is working at various ends of the supply and distribution chain to create an integrated company with interest in the important areas of the business – namely cultivation, production and distribution. By getting in on the ground early, MRPHF is establishing a first mover advantage in these regions, which leads to further momentum.


One of the first efforts of Marapharm Ventures was to apply for medical production clearance in Canada, where medical use is already broadly adopted. The process is moving quickly up the ladder and MPRHF is now in the security clearance stage of application. This is the last stage in the official approval cycle. Approval would grant Marapharm the ability to begin production through its planned facilities in the Province of BC.


Don’t be fooled by the nature of the product; Marapharm Ventures is comprised of experienced management with knowledge of all aspects of the growth, cultivation and distribution. They are applying sophisticated strategies to build a multinational company with diversified product interests and serious profits


The use of adoption of marijuana for medical purposes is spreading quickly and across a broader age of population. Yes, even 80 year olds are using it. It is available in a majority of states and in Canada. The benefits of its use are beginning to prove its medicinal value and doctors are prescribing it more readily for more patients than ever.


The team behind Marapharm Ventures are clearly not satisfied with a one-trick pony. They are investing in multiple facilities, operations in dispensaries, hemp products and even automated vending machines that provide in-store sales opportunities. They are using innovation to provide a broad sales base with the best opportunity in each jurisdiction or region. This shows their willingness to adapt and seek the greater opportunity. It is an excellent approach in such an early-stage market as medical marijuana.


While many might hesitate at the early stage of this blossoming industry, MRPHF has jumped in with both feet and endorsed the business. Their vision is obviously starting to pay big dividends as legislation supports their view and adoption spreads quickly. Early stage also means pennies-per-share value, which is great for investors looking for the entry level stocks. Just a small amount of money could equate to thousands of shares, creating major leverage. Investors who act now could see the major benefits of this market, just as they have in tech and other rising tide sectors.


Now this entry level medical marijuana company could realize massive profit potential.

See Marapharm Ventures’s website www.marapharm.com

Marapharm Ventures is creating a new, diversified
medical marijuana company with the potential to
generate exceptional returns for MRPHF
shareholders. The operative word is marijuana.
Because of the incredible growth taking place in
this sector, MRPHF could benefit from hyper
growth and a first mover advantage.

MRPHF’s growth strategy is to build facilities or acquire licenses in the United States, based on the direction and location of leading sales. The company has set its sights set on opportunities in BC, California, Nevada and Washington.

Marapharm Ventures has made considerable progress in just the last year and is today at the forefront of the leading medical marijuana markets with an offering in each region. It has agreements and/or development licenses in each of the jurisdictions. And it is well progressed in the medical approval process in its lead market of Canada.

Marapharm Ventures Is An Operational Company
With Boots On the Ground And Money Invested In
Its Leading Ventures.

There are plenty of medical marijuana companies that just pay it lip service to operations. That’s not what Marapharm is about. This is an operating company that is looking to build, lease and develop within multiple regions so to create a diverse business. It’s evident by the consistent growth strategy and roll out of projects that MRPHF is headed for big things.


Marapharm Ventures Inc. (OTCQ: MRPHF, CSE: MDM and Frankfurt: 2M0 zero) is a developmental stage medical marijuana company with operations based in British Columbia, Canada.

Through its wholly owned operating subsidiary Marapharm Inc., the company has applied to Health Canada to become a licensed producer under the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) issued pursuant to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Canada). Its initial facility is a proposed 22,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art cultivation facility to be constructed on an 11 acre leased site in Kelowna, British Columbia. Its license has reached the advanced application stage and is pending approval through the Canadian system.

Land has been purchased in Apex Business Park in the City of North Las Vegas, Nevada, for purposes of building a cultivation and production facility intended to house three medical marijuana licenses.

In Washington state, Marapharm Ventures has an opportunity to lease a facility to an I-502, tier-three license holder. The licensee holds a production license for 30,000 square feet and a processing license with unlimited potential.

he company has also reached an agreement to purchase an industrial facility in southern California and three medical marijuana licenses for manufacturing, cultivation, and retail use with expansion capacity.

Marapharm has also purchased and is developing an all-
natural hemp oil product line called, Maragold, which it plans
to bring to market in 2017. It’s also testing an automated
vending system for trial use in dispensaries.


Marapharm Ventures benefits directly from the mass change in adoption that has been
spurred by public sentiment. Here’s where stakeholders could also realize massive returns.

Change Is Being Led By Medical Adoption And
That’s Just Where MPRHF Can Benefit Most.

The massive change in sentiment about the use of marijuana is mainly as a result its adoption for use in medical treatment and therapies. This slow, but persistent change has lowered public resistance and today makes marijuana use virtually mainstream. This is a sea change – the kind that you see when a market is undergoing a revolution. Marapharm Ventures identified this shift for what it was and put initiatives in place to take advantage. Now, it’s about a to pay off.

It is no coincidence that Marapharm is setting up for production, distribution and/or licensing in the most lucrative markets. The company is simply being strategic and grabbing the “low hanging fruit”. It makes sense, since there is not a lot of competition and they have momentum on their side.

Medical application of the drug has shown major
benefits for patients and is no longer just a novelty
– it’s now mainstream.

The landscape has changed so much in the last few years that you can hardly recognize the state of medical and recreational marijuana use. The medical adopters now span some 31 states where the medical use and prescription of marijuana is completely legal. The process to reach this milestone has actually taken nearly 10 years.

Since its start-up, Marapharm has had its laser focus on selecting opportunities in the key growth markets. A quick survey of the new map (post 2016 election) shows that their vision and instincts have been right on track and that MRPHF is in ripe position for the future.

Marapharm Ventures has assembled what appears
to be a golden group of medical marijuana
prospects in leading localities. These are
strategically picked to fall in the areas with the
best legislative support, highest adoption and
greatest potential for profit. That’s a solid formula
for MAJOR RETURNS to shareholders.

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The market is already taking note of MRPHF. It’s
evident in the stock’s early run-up to just under the
$2.00 level. That’s great early momentum, but so
far, it remains off the radar from most analysts and
the street. That’s not likely to last long though.

As word gets out on Marapharm Ventures and its early successes in Washington State, Nevada, California and especially Canada, it’s likely to start gaining serious a following. That could drive the price quickly.

This is the point to act and get ahead of the crowd. If you started acquiring Marapharm’s stock right now, you could acquire a significant position, still for just pennies per share. That’s very important because as the events in the company start to impact the value, you could be leveraging your position. All that Marapharm has to do is stay on course and succeed on its planned operations, which is very attainable.

We’ve already seen that any of news of advances on its progress has a positive effect on the share price.. where it can double, or even triple in price in a relatively short time span.

You Must Buy Marapharm Venture’s Stock Now,
While It is In This Range To Maximize Profits

You can’t buy 10,000 shares of GW Pharmaceuticals – a company with medical treatments based on marijuana – for under $1000. Actually, you couldn’t even afford to buy 100 shares of that stock for $2000, even though that company has been a huge winner in marijuana biotech over the last year.

However, you could buy 2000 shares of MRPHF for under $2000 if you act on the opportunity now, before advances take place. Imagine the difference in leverage.

As we often tell investors, people who accumulate
Marapharm Venture’s (MPRHF-OTC QB) shares at
this early stage could be setting themselves up for
a major leverage play as the company goes from a
development stage company to becoming a major
player in medical marijuana with diversified
interests and integrated operations in multiple
leading markets. That’s a potential powerhouse of

For its part, Marapharm Ventures is looking for the next series of major events to roll in succession creating huge value. Management has designs on full adoption of its planned operations in Canada and developing four medical supplier operations in as many U.S. states. That would immediately move MRPHF into the top leagues of this budding market.

Marapharm Ventures is continuing to expand its interests in new projects and expanding its current operations. Investors should watch for early signs of success, including signing new agreements in the key states, expanding and opening operations and receiving approvals from Health Canada. These events could be major catalysts that drive the stock price to unprecedented new heights.



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