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Position yourself now for the next gold run of 2017

Veteran Wall Streeters are calling for another 30% increase (at least) as gold moves higher. Here’s a great way to play the market move.

Gold stocks are a popular method for people who want to invest in the rising price of physical gold. As global geopolitical tensions rise, there’s an automatic movement toward gold and gold holdings as a safe haven. Now, as the reviewers are heavily weighted toward a further rally in 2017, gold mining stocks have taken on a new luster.

Gold stocks can stretch across gold mining, production and exploration. Investors are looking for solid positions in all three segments, but there’s an obvious trend towards existing gold production if the price is right. Obviously investors like to be involved in a sure thing, so an existing mine with proven gold is the ideal target.

We’ve located just that kind of target with the sort of legacy that makes it very attractive; Bullfrog Gold Corp. (OTC: BFGC) has acquired mining prospects and former mines in Nevada that were developed by Barrick – a world leader in gold mining and production. Bullfrog Gold is in the throws of resurrecting the mine, but it’s still positioned as a junior player, so it’s priced in the pennies per share range. We can’t say how long that will last but…



Bullfrog Gold Corp’s Developing Projects Could Make It The Solid Gold Mining Stock To Own Now.

Bullfrog Gold Has Announced Additional Land Acquisition Next To Its Bullfrog Project in Nevada. Based On Its Prospects, Bullfrog Gold Could Be This Year’s Best Gold Stock Pick.

While gold and the mining end of the business remains a mystery to many investors, those who watch the markets are looking for opportunities in domestic producing areas.

Bullfrog Gold Corp. is emerging as a junior gold stock with all the right stuff: excellent land positions, experienced management and known domestic producing gold deposits already developed previously by majors. They have set the stage for great things on a domestic U.S gold situation that you have to see…

Here’s why we think Bullfrog Gold Corp. (BFGC- OTC Markets) deserves your immediate attention:

In 2011, tiny Bullfrog Gold Corp. announced that it acquired interest in a gold prospect in Nevada’s prolific Walker Gold Trend about 120 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The property interests acquired by Bullfrog Gold Corp. are former Barrick Bullfrog Inc. and LAC projects that together produced over 3.3 million ounces of gold.

After positioning itself to acquire the Bullfrog Project and now the Montgomery-Shoshone mine in Nevada, Bullfrog Gold Corp. is preparing its next step: drilling. And that fact could drive the company’s share value upward dramatically.

Why is this a big deal? And why could these recent events send Bullfrog Gold Corp.’s rock bottom shares soaring to new highs throughout the year?

Bullfrog Gold Corp. announced that it expanded its total gold inventory on its Nevada Projects in the well-known Walker Mining District. This could be savvy investors’ chance to pick up shares in a gold company before the Street recognizes it and before a potential coming gold push that could make Bullfrog Gold Corp. and its shareholders RICH!

Learn about Bullfrog Gold Corp.’s rapid path to a gold legacy…

Bullfrog Gold Corp.’s Stock Was Up
Over 500%
Last Year And Yet It’s Still Priced At Just
Pennies Per Share.


Trading Symbol: BFGC – OTC Markets

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What is Bullfrog Gold Corp. up to that it could offer investors big gains?

The Montgomery-Shoshone Open Pit Mine today. See Bullfrog Gold Corp.’s website www.bullfroggold.com

Bullfrog Gold Corp.’s strategy is to develop known gold projects employing low cost gold recovery in order to deliver solid returns to shareholders.

Bullfrog Gold Corp. is an exploration and mining company like Barrick Gold Or Newmont Mining. Like those giants, it seeks gold and precious metal prospects in order to explore for and develop projects with the goal of producing valuable gold, and silver.

Unlike those mammoths, Bullfrog Gold Corp. has been able to move rapidly to participate in a domestic project in a world-leading mining region to tap into gold without all the red tape. That’s one big advantage of being a junior company.

Its efforts appear to be paying off as Bullfrog Gold Corp. is preparing plans for drilling with a goal of establishing low cost gold production on its properties that are projected to contain 470,000 ounces of gold.

Bullfrog Gold Corp. Is In A Position To Move On Its Gold Potential Right Now

Bullfrog Gold Corp. is in a unique position. The company has acquired interest in known domestic US gold projects since entering the public market and expanded the inventory totals significantly.

How often do you hear that in a junior public company?

Moreover, Bullfrog Gold Corp. is getting ready to start a drill program on its largest and most valuable property – the Bullfrog Mine. Bullfrog Gold also expects the grades to increase to 0.89 grams of gold of gold per metric ton.


Bullfrog Gold Corp. (Ticker: BFGC- OTC Markets) is a US-based mining company engaged in discovering, acquiring, developing, and producing precious metal properties. It is headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Bullfrog Gold Corp. plans to create real value by implementing an aggressive exploration program, making new discoveries and developing mining properties with a long-life and low cost operation.

In late 2011, Bullfrog Gold Corp. acquired interest in the Bullfrog Mine, formerly owned by Barrick Bullfrog Inc. Then in 2014, it acquired an adjacent mineral property, the Montgomery-Shoshone (M-S) Deposit.

Together, these prospects are announced as containing 470,000 ounces of gold, along with strong potential for expanding known mineralization, as well as discovering new zones.


Bullfrog Gold Corp.’s Projects Are Focused On Established Gold Properties In Nevada, USA.

Nevada Is A Gold Hot Spot and Bullfrog Gold Corp. Is There

With gold and silver gaining momentum, and an expectation of continued steady metals prices, Bullfrog Gold Corp. has positioned itself to take advantage of one of the most attractive regions in the world – Nevada.

Nevada covers over 100,000 square miles, and is largely unexplored, with two thirds of the state possessing significant mineral deposits. Mining can be performed year round, and there is a ready source for quality mining personnel.

Along with its favorable geography and geology, Nevada is known for its friendly mining and environmental regulations. It’s easy to see why Nevada ranked as one of the highest gold producers in the entire world, and why major mining companies are expanding their mining projects there.

Bullfrog Gold Corp.’s combination of an aggressive discovery and development strategy, combined with Nevada’s limitless mining opportunities is a powerful combination.

It’s important to understand just what Bullfrog Gold Corp. has achieved in a short time.

Since late 2011, Bullfrog Gold Corp. has managed to acquire the Bullfrog Mine Project, a proven mineral property located in Northern Nevada.

The Bullfrog Mining District hosts an enormous epithermal gold system from which Barrick Bullfrog Inc. produced 2.3 million ounces of relatively high grade gold from open pit and underground ores during the period 1989 into 1998.

Remaining mineralization in and around Barrick’s mines was estimated by the Company to contain 470,000 ounces of gold averaging 0.89 grams per tonne.

Bullfrog Gold Corp.. also acquired the Montgomery-Shoshone (M-S) Deposit, which shows potential for open pit mine development.

Through these efforts, Bullfrog Gold has been granted full rights to the entire Barrick-owned water and electrical rights on the mines, all roads and infrastructure, plus access to all of Barrick’s extensive project data base, including 157 miles of exploration and development drilling throughout the District. This amount of drilling would currently cost more than $40 million.

Additionally, Bullfrog Gold managed to eliminate $2.8 million in debt, giving the company a solid balance sheet to fund its prospects.

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Bullfrog Gold A Buyout Target?

In the mining game there are the big companies who do it all – find gold, develop mines and produce gold – then there are the smaller companies who focus on exploring and leveraging existing resources.

Typically, when smaller exploration companies find gold, silver or precious metals, they get noticed right away. And when that happens the big guys either join them to develop a resource or buy them. They may follow their initial production, but they usually like to buy rather than build.

Either way, this process leads to driving the shares of the smaller “junior” company up dramatically. It’s happened time and time again:

Crocodile Gold exploded by 514% in just 1 day
Coral Gold gained 400% in 2 days, 1,500% in 12 months
Wescan Goldfields gained 675% in just over 2 month

Junior Companies With Gold Get Noticed

If Bullfrog Gold Corp.’s plans result in defining the size of gold or gold/silver inventory that they believe is in the ground on their Bullfrog and M-S projects, Bullfrog could immediately become a target for big companies who want to add to their assets.

Why is this a big deal? And why could these recent events send Bullfrog Gold Corp.’s rock bottom shares soaring to new highs throughout the year?

In the precious metals market, it’s not uncommon for a large gold mining company to pay 10x, 20x or even 30x times the value of a takeover target with known gold and silver.

What could that do to the value of Bullfrog Gold Corp. shares?

One thing is for certain, the investors who got in early – in the pennies per share range – could potentially watch their initial investment explode into 30X times or more the initial value under this scenario. A mere $1000 invested now could turn into $30,000. That’s the kind of potential at stake.

Gold is in the news again since it has rallied after the US election. The pundits and critics alike say that the market has taken the “fat” out of the system and that this is creating a buying opportunity.


What if you could buy giant Gold Fields Ltd. at pennies per share…?

You would jump on the chance, for sure.

What’s interesting is that Bullfrog Gold Corp. is just like Gold Fields and the big gold companies, only on a micro-scale. And that’s where leverage comes in.

You could buy Gold Fields Ltd.’s. stock for about $16.50 per share… or you could buy about 10,000 shares in Bullfrog Gold Corp. for the same price as just 100 shares in that major gold mining company.

The potential reward from that kind of share position could be a once in a lifetime payday.

Why You Must Buy Bullfrog Gold Corp. While It’s Still Just Pennies Per Share:

This time you have the chance to get in on Bullfrog Gold Corp. right at the start. This is a truly ground floor for this aggressive company.

But this situation won’t stay quiet long.

People who snap up Bullfrog Gold Corp.’s (BFGC-OTC Markets) shares at this early developing stage could be setting themselves up for a major leverage play as the company goes from a little-known gold company to potentially become a major gold producer with multiple properties or interests in gold or precious metals projects worth a fortune.

As Bullfrog Gold Corp. receives news of its initial drilling permits, the company will be able to evaluate the potential gold values coming out of its acquired prospects. Management expects the gold grades to reflect previous production on its prospects.

Bullfrog Gold Corp. is increasing its gold inventory to cover an additional 470,000 ounces. This event, tied to a further price strength in gold could be the catalyst to send the stock price soaring….



Here’s eight simple reasons that investors will want to participate in Bullfrog Gold now to get positioned for the coming gold market.


Finding a junior gold exploration company that actually holds proven gold is a rare thing, but finding one that is on track toward production with a long-term, low cost project is just about unheard of.


Using the Bullfrog Mine and M-S Deposit projects as a springboard, Bullfrog Gold Corp. could launch itself into other gold projects, build its asset base and expand its efforts using its growth strategy that put the company on the map.

Gold is one commodity that can propel a little known company into the power leagues of mining and production almost overnight.


Gold has pulled back from its heyday in the past few years. This was a necessary decline, but most experts are still bullish on the metal. They say it’s going higher. This climate is perfect for a small gold company to grow and expand.


The place to find gold is right where others are mining it. In the Walker Mining Trend, there are multiple companies on the ground exploring for and producing gold now. The State Of Nevada is considered a widely mineralized area and identified as a major deposit of gold and other minerals.


A junior public company offers the chance to get into gold right at the source and potentially multiply the value as gold prices increase. It’s unlikely that bullion or coins will keep pace with a company mining the actual gold.


Big gold and silver companies like to buy small ones outright. It’s the name of the game. They like them early stage, but they like them to have proven projects.

Bullfrog Gold Corp. fits this profile to a T. Now that the company is expanding its known gold inventory, it’s certain that they will come up on the radar of the majors (those big companies who already produce).


Bullfrog Gold Corp.’s share price is up over 500% last year. But because it is a true micro-cap, the shares are priced at just pennies. Add to this the fact that Bullfrog Gold Corp. trades on an entry-level exchange, and you can you see why it’s priced as low as it will likely ever be. There may never be another chance to acquire Bullfrog Gold Corp. shares at this price. News of gold inventory expansion will likely impact the company.


The people who capitalize on gold and silver are often the people who look for an emerging company with potentially valuable projects at the very entry stage. You could show this item to your broker – they have access to tons of SEC and other public information on Bullfrog Gold Corp. Once they see the expansion into known gold producing areas and future plans for growth, they could suggest the appropriate sized stake in Bullfrog Gold Corp. for you…

Because a chance to create a money multiplying stock play from an emerging company doesn’t come along every day, and virtually none of the juniors hold known gold deposits with all the infrastructure in place!

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