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The Medical Marijuana Sector
Is Set To Pay Big

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc.




From 212 Research Editors

The legalization of marijuana is going to create more multi-millionaires in the shortest period of time in history. Many investors are in a frenzy wondering where to invest in what is known as “The Green Gold Rush” while new legislation is leading the way for medical and recreational use. The real hot spot at the moment is Canada. The government there, lead by Justin Trudeau, is introducing nationwide legislation that clears the path for the complete legalization of marijuana. That fact alone is driving the industry and all cannabis stocks. Some companies will undoubtedly become big winners in this unique situation and investors know it.

Many companies are quick to jump on the band wagon, but we’re urging readers to look closely and identify the cream of the crop, so to speak. There are a couple of frontrunners.

212 Research has unearthed several winners and one company that has been working in medical marijuana for nearly a decade and is now taking that experience into a growth company with significant promise. MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. is a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on production, distribution, innovation, technology and branded products related to the marijuana industry. It’s a unique formula of natural, medicinal solutions supported by integrated operations.

“In 2016, North American legal weed sales hit $6.9 billion, a 34% increase from the previous year, according to cannabis research firm ArcView. Looking ahead, growth is expected to continue topping the 20%-plus mark per year for the foreseeable future.” – Motely Fool

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (  MYMMF   MYM) is a well-positioned company in the marijuana space taking an integrated approach with a long-term perspective. The company is a serious contender with current operations, experienced medical management and a host of early successes that put its stock on track for major gains.

This company earns our highest praise and here’s why:

MYM Nutraceuticals is looking to the future of cannabis as an industry

Projected marijuana market through 2020 (Source: USAToday)

There are plenty of short term operations that have sprung up to answer the demand for cannabis in its many forms, both medical and recreational. They will come and go and many will fail. Mostly that’s due to a lack of management and vision. These participants see the cannabis business surge as a short game.

MYM sees marijuana as a long-term play in an industry that will mature, which we agree with.

They also have the management in place to deliver on their plans. That’s a big difference between the pop-up wannabees and MYM’s integrated approach.

MYM Brings Professionalism To The Cannabis Sector

Along with the flash-in-the-pan companies, there are plenty of “me too” producers and developers in the cannabis field. We like the fact that MYM is self-directed with a professional focus on core components that the industry needs now and that can be developed on a global scale. Not to mention that MYM’s operations are right next door to the vast U.S. market that is also adopting the wide use of medical and recreation marijuana.

The company’s focus is developing high-end, organic medicinal marijuana supplements and topical products; hence the title nutraceuticals. These are products with safe, natural approaches to many different conditions or ailments not served by other products.

MYM also has an interest in the development of high-density farming facilities and technologies that allow MYM to expand its brand into global markets.

One huge area the company has identified is the potential market in providing extraction and processing services to large and independent ACMPR farming operations looking to produce high quality plant extracts using top quality C02 extraction equipment and customized formulations. This can become a core asset for MYM and a potentially a huge revenue source.

Along with the production and processing components, MYM is building its capabilities in both marketing and distribution within the markets it serves. In simple terms, MYM wants to be able to deliver on its promise for quality product from end-to-end.

Canada Is Going Legal With Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis

Whatever the US sentiments and legal wrangling, the  Canadian Government has made it clear that they intend to legalize and regulate pot for recreational and medical use. Their Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has laid out the agenda in federal legislation being introduced right now.

In his comments to the media, Trudeau said about his government’s efforts to legalize pot:

“This is an issue that we are taking very seriously and we will continue to engage in.”

He went further to explain what they believe this will mean to that country’s economy once a legitimate industry.

“I have no doubt that Canadians and entrepreneurs will be tremendously innovative in finding ways to create positive economic benefits from the legalization and control of marijuana…”  – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The government began the process with the introduction of legislation in April 2017 and is proceeding with the very real goal of having passed legislation into law by June 2018. 

MYM Offers A Unique Opportunity for U.S. Investors

While Canada’s legalization efforts are moving at a breakneck pace, progress in the US is slower. That is largely due to the struggle for control over how and where individual legalization will take place.

For instance, there is a bill before congress in 2017 to completely end the prohibition of marijuana federally (HR1227). This would further regulate the sale of all marijuana, but largely give control over to the individual states to manage and determine legality and open the flood gates.

These measures are quickly gaining momentum and individual states are falling one-by-one. Eventually, the US market for pot will likely dwarf the Canadian market, but for now Canada is the sweet spot.

The challenge for US investors is that there remain very few individual publicly traded, US-based companies that raise, harvest and sell pot… and even fewer with the kind of diverse business model of MYM Nutraceuticals.

This presents a truly unique opportunity: in MYM Nutraceuticals, US investors can buy a stock on a US market that is completely (or as the market would label it “a pure play”) invested in growing, harvesting and distributing cannabis.


MYM Nutraceuticals Inc.



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Company News Indicates That MYM Is Moving Very Fast

In just under a year MYM Nutraceuticals has used the momentum of the cannabis rush to fuel growth. They’ve acquired key components in their plan to build an integrated production/ formulation/ marketing/ distribution chain.

On Brand and Strategy:

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. is making acquisitions including completing its acquisition of 100 per cent of the brand and assets of HempMed, a Toronto-based developer and marketer of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) extracts and oil-infused nutraceutical products. This is a move we think brings significant value immediately.

MYM also completed acquisition of a majority interest in Sublime Culture Inc. and its inspection-stage application to become a Licensed Producer of medical cannabis. The strategy here is to quickly build out to a significant growth operation that can be fully licensed based on Sublime’s advanced application stage.

Companies that plan to succeed in this space are going to need to aggressively move on the M&A front and reach out to expand operations. Apparently MYM understands this.

On Testing and Standardization:

MYM has hired TheraCann Canada to implement its full suite of services including ISO 17025(2005) compliance to ensure repeatable and reliable data stands behind each product label. TheraCann is also providing TheraCannSYSTEM software to MYM, which directly captures all testing and analysis data to better control regulatory compliance concerns and future audits by Health Canada.

Better testing and classification will enable the Canadian Provinces to be able to decide how cannabis will be distributed within their borders. MYM intends to jump ahead of the curve on future legislation to focus on in-house quality assurance testing laboratories and analytics, setting the “gold standard” for quality.

This important step can lift MYM Nutraceuticals brands to the very top ranks of the discerning distribution channels.


There are a whole series of hurdles in reaching the distribution of product in the cannabis space. MYM is using its vision to overcome these by putting all the pieces together.

By growing quality production with higher yields, they bypass the grower and production bottleneck caused by demand or delays in supply. By enhancing formulations, the company can add new markets and customize multiple product lines. By diversifying their cannabinoid and extract selections, and using medical testing standards to ensure compliance, MYM’s products can place higher with better distribution. And by developing marketing that suits the needs of specific ailments or conditions, the company can become an innovator with uniquely branded bio-pharmaceutical products.

Market Expansion:

While Canada remains the base for MYM’s operations, the company has already begun expansion into the lucrative US market. In this case with CBD lines and hemp-based nutraceuticals.

Through its acquisition of HempMed, MYM has opened the door to distribute their CBD lines into the jurisdictions where the product is already accepted and legal under the medical guidelines. The current HempMed product line consists of over 20 Hemp products with plans to launch several more groundbreaking products over the next 12 months as a direct result of MYM’s involvement. MYM also plans on expanding HempMed’s existing distribution network, which consists of over 60 retail outlets and online sales portals across Canada, the USA, and Internationally. 

The USA represents a huge and rapidly expanding market that MYM can tap by using HempMed as a strong entry point.


Based on legalization, the Marijuana market in Canada is projected to grow to CAD $22.6 Billion in just over two years. (Source: Deloitte) 


MYM Nutraceuticals Inc
Market Cap: $11M

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc.’s primary focus is developing high-end organic medicinal marijuana supplements and topical products. MYM also has an interest in the development of high-density farming facilities and technologies that allow MYM to expand its brand into the global market.

Recent News: April 5, 2017 – MYM Nutraceuticals to develop the cannabis “gold standard” for product testing process and technology in Canada

Other Winners: Too Late For The Ground Floor, But Good To Study

Canopy Growth Corp.
Market Cap: $800M

Canopy Growth Corporation is a diversified cannabis company operating a collection of diverse brands and curated strain variety, supported by over a half a million square feet of indoor and greenhouse production capacity, and partnered with some of the leading names within the sector.


Aurora Cannabis Inc.
Market Cap: $788M

Aurora Cannabis Inc. is a licensed producer of medical cannabis pursuant to Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). The Company operates a 55,200 square foot, state-of-the-art production facility in Mountain View County, Alberta.

Recent News: April 11- Aurora Cannabis Announces Upsize of Previously Announced Bought Deal Private Placement Financing to $75 Million

GW Pharmaceuticals
Market Cap: $4.1B

GW is a pharmaceutical group developing a portfolio of cannabinoid prescription medicines to meet patient needs in a wide range of therapeutic conditions. GW Pharmaceuticals, which is arguably the premier cannabinoid drug researcher in the world, is relying on experimental cannabidiol-based drug Epidiolex to deliver significant profits. If approved by the FDA, Epidiolex has a shot, along with label expansion, at hitting $1 billion or more in annual peak sales, and pushing GW Pharmaceuticals safely into recurring profitability by the year 2020.

Recent News: March 29, 2017 – GW Pharmaceuticals Announces Epidiolex® Receives Orphan Drug Designation from the European Medicines Agency for the Treatment of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings
Market Cap: $336M

Corbus Pharmaceuticals emerged as one of the biggest marijuana stock winners of 2016. The share price of the clinical-stage biotech quadrupled last year. The company’s  focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics to treat life threatening (“orphan”) inflammatory-fibrotic diseases with clear unmet needs. Their lead product Resunab is a first- in-class oral anti-inflammatory expected to commence Phase-2a clinical trials for the treatment of cystic fibrosis and scleroderma pending FDA approval of IND.

Recent News: Corbus Pharmaceuticals to Commence Single Phase 3 Study of Anabasum for Treatment of Systemic Sclerosis Following Guidance Received from Successful End-of-Phase 2 Meeting with FDA

Solid Companies With Integrated Operations, Distribution and Branding Will Rise To The Top

Out of all the noise in this space the leaders will emerge. We’re convinced that the companies with integrated operations – from growing to cultivation, formula development to marketing and in distribution – will be able to leverage their position and take a significant lead in the race to market for cannabis. MYM Nutraceuticals is on the fast track.

The company has been building its brand and distribution, alongside its growth and product quality. They’ve combined this with experienced management and channel partners who can make them one of the leaders in this space.

We are looking for MYM and its comprehensive approach to start producing results immediately with a big upswing in revenue if the pathways to legal distribution are cleared.

“By 2026, investment firm Cowen & Co. anticipates total legal sales could reach $50 billion. In that case, the industry would experience more than 23% annual growth for a decade.”

We Give MYM Nutraceuticals Our “Strong Buy” Rating

MYM Nutraceuticals, Inc. provides investors the opportunity to get in early on a well-structured medical marijuana company with a professional business approach.  Your investment is in MYM(  MYMMF   MYM), is in a public company with listing in the US via the OTC markets. This means that US investors can participate directly in a marijuana-based company, something not widely available in a US-based marijuana operation.

MYM is also a small cap stock with a market cap of just over $11M at present. This makes MYM’s stock very affordable compared to the large caps entering the space and could give investors incredible leverage.

The demand for cannabis, its derivatives and medicinal applications is increasing markedly, and early stage marijuana companies have seen consistent excellent growth as the sector gains momentum. We do not think this is simply a bubble.

MYM Nutraceuticals, currently under $.20 per share, could emerge as one of the big winners in the race to provide natural, premium quality cannabis and integrated solutions within this exploding industry.

Our recommendation: Our research says get in now on the ground floor. Take a significant position immediately and ride the wave of marijuana stocks with diversified interests. Look for key advances, news of agreements and acquisitions, along with signs that the legislation is increasing the target company’s stake in this potentially huge and rapidly expanding market worth billions.

Currently there are very few ways for US investors to invest in the rapidly developing marijuana industry due to current US Federal laws prohibiting US marijuana companies from going public.

MYM Nutraceuticals presents a truly unique opportunity: US investors can buy MYMMF shares on the US market since it is based in Canada. This enables US investors to invest directly into marijuana production and sales operations right now, and get in at the earliest point, instead of having to wait years for the Federal laws to change and letting the opportunities pass them by.

“This marijuana investment opportunity is just like investing in the Internet in 1997, there is no time to waste.”

212 Research Staff

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Editor’s Note: We are really bullish on the marijuana space. This is one sector that is extremely hot now and we believe has plenty of room to run– especially the Canadian-based companies that would capitalize on new legislation and/or legalization. These stocks can double, triple or even quadruple in value overnight (several already have), based on their current prospects.

The key for investors is positioning themselves in this sector RIGHT NOW. This is the genesis of an entire industry with the potential for massive YOY growth and investor returns that will be hard to compete with.


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